Euphoric Classics


Welcome to the official Website of 'Euphoric Classics' - Your Number 1 radio station for Trance & House Music from the late 80's 'til now!

Euphoric Classics is - so far - a project operated by one single person. The goal of this radio station is to play Trance & House Classics that have been huge in the Charts and Clubs back in the day but are rarely played on "normal" radio stations these days. Lasgo, Sylver, Galleon and Junior Jack are only a few names that had major success about 15 years ago and released all time bangers like "Something", "Turn The Tide" or "My Feeling" that - deservedly - topped the charts all over Europe and even North America.

Apart from those classics released around the turn of the Millennium, this station also includes Classics that date back until the late 80's where legends like Frankie Knuckles set the first footsteps for the commercial success of House music and electronic music in general.

'Euphoric Classics' also offers two special shows:

House Deluxe - with 2 hours of non-stop quality House anthems - every Saturday evening from 8-10pm CET

Garage Hour - 1 hour of pure old skool Garage tunes - every Sunday from 4pm CET (3pm UK time)

If you have any further questions or want to request a song that does not seem to be included in the station's playlist yet, don't hesitate to contact me via E-Mail:

Listen live via TuneIn: or on an external player of your choice:

Enjoy! And if you like new music as well, you might also want to check out our sister station FreshVibes: